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RaBe Desert Warrior WN1

The Desert Warrior was conceived and built as a pure concept, that concept was to build a car that made the Dakar an easy trip, a car that was quick enough for the average racer on the tracks but delivered unrivalled ability in the tough dunes that are a feature in the Dakar Rally. This is no easy job but the Desert Warrior does it with ease and the basic design will never be superseded in off-road racing. If your aim is to enjoy your desert racing while knowing that the car has fantastic residual values based on a pedigree going back nearly fifteen years then the latest Desert Warrior is what you need. It is built from a mixture a manufacturer’s running gear and joined by lots of our proven ideas that have been chosen from years of use by RallyRaid UK with a very keen eye on what works. Every piece of this car functions as it should.
Everything about the design results in an easy to use car including the BMW 3.0 litre diesel engine that gives huge amounts of torque that makes driving in the dunes very easy and driving on the tracks great fun.
The use of a six speed transmission, hi-strength differentials and dual piggy back dampers head the specification sheet but the real beauty of the design ethos is keeping everything simple. This is the main feature that keeps the Desert Warrior going when the terrain is very rough which is normal in the Dakar Rally. Easy maintenance is a real bonus whether it is carried out by the drivers on the course or by the mechanics at the bivouac.
There is a choice of either Fox or the impressive Rieger dampers that have been designed specifically for the Desert Warrior.




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