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dakar services

on piste and bivouac service

The Dakar is one of the most brutal rallies on earth, each stage is a constant punishment to both man and machine.  Although our cars are designed to absorb as much grief as you can throw at them, as they say “shit happens”.

We have a dedicated support team that is both on the race and at the bivouac. In the case of serious mechanical damage on piste, the service truck carries critical spares and trained mechanics to deal with the situation.

At the bivouac we have a larger team that awaits with the trucks with specialized equipment and all the necessary spare parts.

t5 race trucks

When it comes to support on the races we try the hardest, we run our own T5 race truck this ensures that the people in the truck are ours and have the racers that come with us best interests at heart, usually T5 race trucks are racers looking for some extra cash to offset the cost of the race, we do it different and its and important difference. The costs are split equally between the race cars it supports and the team in the truck knows that helping those cars is the most important thing to do.
The truck we have is a ex works MAN and is upgraded by us including 8 hug FOX triple bypass dampers and a massive power upgrade to ensure that if you need a tow it can cope with it all.
The truck back carries a set of spares for our cars that ensure the best chance of getting into the finish, welders, compressors and extensive tools help the T5 team to get things going again.

t6 assistance trucks

We have a Iveco T6 support truck in house that we use for all the Dakar’s and smaller races, being just the right size to go to most races means support at every race is the best it can be, containing a full workshop, tools, welder, hydraulic press and may more parts it also carries lots of tyres and loads of spares, a built in Dive Bottle compressor for topping up the dive bottles used for tyre inflation on the race cars.
We also have spare T6 truck we call on as needed to expand the setup to ensure enough spares are carried for the team setup.

light 4×4 vehicles

Along with the big stuff we run the amazing T5 Ford F350’s a concept pioneered by RallyRaid UK nearly ten years ago and now copied by all the teams at Dakar. The F350 Duallies are converted to running gear that copes with the loads and terrain that Africa and South America has to throw at them.
These trucks are great for mechanics as they are roomy and comfy giving them a great rest from the long nights work that the Dakar inevitably brings.
We also run varies 4×4‘s like Land rovers and Nissans to fill in the gaps on the small events or top up team transport at the Dakar.


We have the best, most motivated mechanics, they are people we have enjoyed Dakar with for years, we also get well motivated people to help us move things around and make things work. These guys have to work like no others and they need to keep an eye on enjoying themselves. Motivation in our team is very important and we like to have a happy Bivouac. We also encourage our customers to bring along their own mechanic and we train and/or help them to integrate into our team and this bring a degree of comfort and confidence to the racer that is important part of getting the results that are desired from the race.


Due to the changing nature of the race, it is now possible to use Motorhomes at the Saudi Bivouacs. We will be able to provide a motorhome service for the clients that want that extra bit of comfort and privacy.