special projects

morgan cxt

Making the unimaginable posible, how to get a classic design to be able to achieve insanely off road performace.


desert warrior III

Years of intensive evolution and testing has produced the Desert Warrior 3 rally car. Most car builders offer old designs, one off builds or unproven prototypes, our policy of continuous improvement on established and proven designs clearly shows we are making the right decisions. 

dakar service

Pride in Each Service

car build

we provide specialist car building services.

car hire

Enjoy turn key solutions without the bother of purchase.

race logistics

Everything you need to overcome the challenge of this legendary race.

truck support

We are behind you every step of the way with your spares and service, on and off road.

the adventure in purest form

dakar classic

Rally Raid uk offers services to adapt a suitable clasic car in order to transform it to cope with the gruelling demands of the race. We master all aspects that will allow you to enter this race with safety and enjoyment.

special projects

dakar t3
light weight

coming soon.

the adventure in purest form



We have collected the fotographs of the last 20 years of the participation of our cars in the dakar. Take a glimps of what goes on in this gruelling event and the special projects we have constructed for Morgan.

rally raid uk

about us

Paul Round and Beady share the same feelings about racing,  the Ethos is on fun, giving customers the chance of competing and enjoying the experience

honda xr650
dakar fairing

composite fearings
XR650 XR 400 RallyRaid fiber glass Fairing.
Possible to be  fitted to many other types of bikes.
Price: £59.95
74.94 EUR